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WiseHoroscope is an astrogy website dedicated to provide you the most accurate horoscopes (love, money or career) . Who would not want to know what will happen to them tomorrow, tomorrow, in the next year? The zodiac is an astrology book that contains predictions about the destiny and behavior of people, according to the zodiac in which they were born.

The European zodiac and the Chinese zodiac are the most known of us. Besides these are some types of zodiac that are not known to us. There are Mayan, Egyptian, Indian, Druid, Chinese, Chaldean zodiacs created according to the spiritual specificity of each civilization. These zodiacs are old, and time is divided in different ways.
The Chinese zodiac starts somewhere in February, the European zodiac - in March.
The druidic zodiac is based on the arboreal zodiac, which divides each zodiac into 3 decades, containing 10 degrees of each zodiac, with small exceptions related to the solstice and equinox days.
The Indian zodiac contains 36 signs, but that starts, like the Druid, also from the 12 known ones, dividing them in decades.
The Chinese zodiac starts from the division of the Chinese year has 12 months of 29/30 days each. Each month begins on the New Moon. The Chinese year begins on the second new month after the winter solstice, somewhere between January 21 and February 20, so never on a fixed day. This system is over 2000 years old and uses the features of a list of 12 animal characters, known especially after the Chinese zodiac title.

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